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Midwest Girls Showcase

Team Nike

1 Alyssa Baschnagel Attack, Defense 2018 OH
2 Elisabetta Medici Midfield 2018 IL
3 Hannah Jura Midfield 2018 IL
4 Margaret Flanagan Attack 2018 IL
5 Karli Kwityn Midfield 2019 IL
6 Brenna Turner Attack 2019 AR
7 Emma Svoboda Midfield 2019 IL
8 Maddie Williamson Midfield 2019 IL
9 Krystal Aranda Midfield, Defense 2019 IL
10 Abby Hurley Defense 2019 IL
11 Grace Ignowski Attack 2020 IL
12 Shannon Gillespie Midfield 2020 IL
13 Ashley Herfendal Defense 2020 MN
14 Ellen Monahan Midfield 2020 OH
15 Regan Merkin Midfield, Defense 2020 IL
16 Mackenzie Kirwan Midfield 2020 WI
73 Gabriella Colon Midfield 2020 IL

Team Athena

35 Marie Hubbard Attack 2018 IL
36 Maggie Devitt Attack, Midfield 2018 IL
37 Natalie Rozak Midfield 2018 IL
38 Sarah Gleason Attack, Defense 2019 IL
39 Jessica Boyland Attack 2019 WI
40 Caroline Anscombe Defense 2019 IL
41 Hannah Greving Midfield 2019 IL
42 Jocelyn Lawrence Midfield 2019 IL
43 Kara Brill Midfield 2019 IL
44 Emma Hofman Midfield 2019 WI
45 Carlie Serritella Midfield 2019 IL
46 Kaitlyn McCarthy Midfield, Defense 2019 MN
47 Zoe Palm Midfield 2020 IL
48 Jade Hamilton Defense 2020 IL
49 Sophia Kelly Defense 2020 MN
50 Sydney Gebhard Midfield 2020 MN
51 Sabrina Siegel Defense 2020 IL
0 Makenna Crandall Attack 2020 MN

Goalie Roster and Schedule

Time Home Team (White) 1st Half 2nd Half Away Team (Purple) 1st Half 2nd Half
Game 1 11:00am-11:35am Nike Alexandra Shields Lina Zochowski Athena Kelly McClure Tylor Baker
Game 2 11:40am-12:15pm Athena Alexandra Taylor Amaris Hernandez Iris Emma Litzer Courtlyn McCarty
Game 3 12:20pm-12:55pm Pandora Lina Zochowski Rebecca Rymarcsuk Nike Amanda Ziemkowski Alexandra Shields
Game 4 1:30pm-2:05pm Athena Tylor Baker Kelly McClure Pandora Amaris Hernandez Alexandra Taylor
Game 5 2:10pm-2:45pm Pandora Courtlyn McCarty Rebecca Rymarcsuk Iris Emma Litzer Lina Zochowski
Game 6 2:50pm-3:25pm Nike Alexandra Shields Amanda Ziemkowski Iris Kelly McClure Tylor Baker
Game 7 3:30pm-4:05pm Seed 1 Rebecca Rymarcsuk Amaris Hernandez Seed 2 Emma Litzer Courtlyn McCarty
Game 8 4:10pm-4:45pm Seed 3 Lina Zochowski Alexandra Taylor Seed 4 Amanda Ziemkowski Alexandra Shields





Olympic Park, Schaumburg, IL


July 26, 2018


Cost: $225



All Stars


G 93

G 97

D 29

D 49

D 51

D 56 

M 14

M 58

M 28

M 32

M 45

M 62

A 35 

A 18

A 17

A 60



G 98

G 99

D 46

D 48

D 63 

D 67

M 47

M 41 

M 61

M 24

M 3 

M 19

A 59

A 39

A 21

A 27

Midwest Girls Showcase Schedule


**Schedule is subject to change**

9:30am-10:15am Check in at Olympic Park  
10:15am-10:25am Welcome  
10:25am-10:55am Warm Up/ Stick Check Field 1
11:00am-11:35am Nike (Home) Vs. Athena (Away) Field 1
11:40am-12:15pm Athena (Home) Vs. Iris (Away) Field 1
12:20pm-12:55pm Pandora (Home) vs. Nike (Away) Field 1
12:55pm-1:25pm Lunch Break  
1:30pm-2:05pm Athena (Home) Vs. Pandora (Away) Field 1
2:10pm-2:45pm Pandora (Home) Vs. Iris (Away) Field 1
2:50pm-3:25pm Nike (Home) Vs. Iris (Away) Field 1
3:30pm-4:05pm Seed 1 (Home) Vs. Seed 2 (Away) Field 1
4:10pm-4:45pm Seed 3 (Home) Vs. Seed 4 (Away) Field 1
4:50pm-5:25pm All- Star Game Field 1
5:30pm- 6:30pm Coaches Q & A  

Team Pandora

17 Georgia Christy Attack 2018 IL
18 Anna Gorman Attack 2018 IL
19 Ellen Lawrence Midfield 2018 MN
20 Alyssa McMillan Attack, Defense 2018 IL
21 Taylor Phan Attack 2019 IL
22 Christina Calderon Attack 2019 IL
23 Alexis Foster Attack, Defense 2019 IL
24 Lydia Johnson Midfield 2019 MN
25 Valerie Villanueva Midfield 2019 IL
26 Jade Swanson Defense 2019 IL
27 Audrey Warner Midfield 2019 IL
28 Josephine Napolski Midfield 2019 IL
29 Tahlia Townsend Defense 2019 IL
30 Maitland Luksan Attack 2020 MN
31 Cate Duhig Midfield 2020 IL
32 Amelia Lunn Midfield 2020 IL
33 Caroline Ramsey Midfield, Defense 2020 IN
34 Jacqueline Glassey Attack 2020 IL

Team Iris

52 Anna Grace Agro Midfield 2018 MI
53 Arielle Louth Midfield 2018 AR
54 Madelaine Perez Midfield 2018 IL
55 Maddie Lunn Defense 2019 IL
56 Brenda Anderson Midfield 2019 IL
57 Maddie Wiltrout Midfield 2019 IL
58 Makayla Thomas Attack 2019 IL
59 Braedyn Sell Attack 2019 MN
60 Anne Rhoda Midfield 2019 MN
61 Morgan Macdonald Midfield 2019 MI
62 Maddie Kosir Defense 2020 IL
63 Isabella Taylor Attack 2020 IL
64 Lena Swabb Midfield 2020 IL
65 Grace Marshall Midfield, Defense 2020 IL
66 Lauren Conduitt Defense 2020 IL
67 Lisa Boehmer Midfield 2021 IL


Yale University NCAA DI
Marquette University NCAA DI
Liberty University NCAA DI
Central Michigan University NCAA DI
Robert Morris University NCAA DI
Vanderbilt University NCAA DI
Seton Hill University NCAA DII
Grand Valley State University NCAA DII
Oklahoma Baptist NCAA DII
Florida Tech NCAA DII
Davenport University NCAA DII
Georgian Court NCAA DII
Edinboro College NCAA DII
Nyack College NCAA DII
Concordia St. Paul University NCAA DII
Walsh University NCAA DII
Adrian College NCAA DIII
Aurora University NCAA DIII
Carroll College NCAA DIII
Loras College NCAA DIII
Trine University NCAA DIII
Messiah College NCAA DIII
Monmouth College NCAA DIII
Hood College NCAA DIII
Hendrix College NCAA DIII
Depauw University NCAA DIII
Cedar Crest College NCAA DIII
Northland College NCAA DIII
Goucher College NCAA DIII
Illinois Tech NCAA DIII
Ave Maria University NAIA
Indiana Tech NAIA

US Lax Events invites girls from freshmen to seniors to register for the Girls Showcase.  Over the course of the showcase, players will compete in four games in front of college coaches from D1, D2, and D3 schools.  This is an incredible opportunity for girls who are eager to continue their playing career at the next level.  The US Lax Events Girls Showcase will provide all the players with a competitive environment in which to showcase their skills in front of college coaches from across the country.  
Register today and showcase your talent! 


Location: Olympic Park, Schaumburg, IL

Date: July 27, 2017

Price: $225

Open Invitation

This year the US Lax Events Midwest Girls Showcase is open to any female high school lacrosse player graduating in the year 2018, 2019, 2020, or 2021.

You must register online to guarantee yourself a spot in the showcase.

Only 40 Spots available per graduation year, so register to day to reserve a spot!

***Players fill out registration, just how you want your information to be shown in the College Recruiting Handbook.***


Liberty University D1

University of Louisville, DI

Central Michigan University, DI

Butler University, D1

Grand Valley State University, DII

Lindenwood University , DII   

University of Montevallo, DII

Rockhurst University, DII

Felician University, DII

University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, DII

Augsburg College, DIII

Loras College, DIII

Trine University, DIII

Kalamazoo College, DIII

Waynesburg University, DIII

Alma College, DIII

University of Northwestern- Saint Paul, DIII

Aurora University, DIII
Illinois Institute of Technology, DIII

Benedictine University, DIII

Concordia University Chicago, DIII

Carroll University, DIII

Lindenwood University - Belleville, NAIA

Clarke University, NAIA

Ave Maria University, NAIA

Tennessee Wesleyan NAIA

Madonna University, NAIA

Aquinas College, NAIA

University of Cumberlands, NAIA




CaptainU will provide online profiles and player profile books for college coaches

CaptainU will provide player profile books for college coaches and free access to their online software to help all attending athletes maximize their exposure at the upcoming event to college coaches. Click on the links below to get setup for the event.



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Hotel Accommodations

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US Lax Events - Girls Showcase Hotel Options

Henry Sitkiewicz

Director of Sales Marketing

Phone: 708 305 7014