1. What hotel will the players stay in?

The player's parents are responsible for booking and arranging their child's lodging arrangements. US Lax Events offers a discounted rate at a "recommended" hotel. Contact Tina Siebenman for all information

2. Can players wear cleats?

Yes, cleats are allowed.

3. Are the games full field?

Yes, full field.

4. How will the players be put onto teams?

US Lax Events will place players on teams based of their position and skill.

5. Who will coach the teams?

US Lax Events' Coaches will be coaching the teams and rotating players in and out.

6. How will the college coaches know how to contact a player?

Every college coach receives a Handbook with player's jersey number and contact information. This does not apply to those who register late after January 11th.

7. Will a certified medical trainer be present?